En este momento estás viendo 2nd RAIN workshop in Zvolen, Slovakia

2nd RAIN workshop in Zvolen, Slovakia

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The second workshop of the Slovak RAIN was held on the 25th January 2024, organized by the National Forest Centre team, led by Michal Pástor.

The event took place at the main building of the National Forest Centre in Zvolen. Farmers, advisors, organizations of farmers and foresters, consumers and researchers attended the meeting, forming a very diverse group of stakeholders.

First of all, the inspiring reasons, structuring criteria, content and objectives of the AF4EU Dissemination and Communication Plan were presented. It was made clear the type of tools to be developed, the future progress and the possibility of the stakeholders to participate in the development of contents lead by the AF4EU partners.

Paper copies of other dissemination AF4EU tools, such as the Practice Abstract, Infographics, Fact Sheet, and Technical Articles were distributed with a related questionnaire was proposed to be fulfilled in order to know their preferences.

The main aim of this session was to clarify the meaning of advisory in the specific context that is being built with AF4EU. The Advisory Services session started off with a brief explanation of what CECRA, Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas, exactly is and what different training modules are offered.

After that, three farmers presented their farm model in a short presentation followed by a very fruitful discussion. The farms were previously selected after discussion with all RAIN members to guarantee that the case study samples were sufficiently diverse.

The workshop finalised with a group brainstorming session on value chains and a business models session based on the three case studies presented.