This Horizon Europe project will continue to promote agroforestry in Europe through the development of a multi-actor interactive and innovation-driven expanded agroforestry network, based on the sharing of successful practical experiences.
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What is a RAIN?
A Regional Agroforestry Innovation Network or RAIN is a group of different actors (farmers, advisors, policy-makers, multipliers…) working together and learning from each other, with the guidance of an Innovation Broker.
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The AF4EU Consortium is composed by 12 partners from 10 different countries and counts with the contribution of 5 associations.
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A groundbreaking initiative that will improve European agriculture and forestry.

Through agroforestry practice, we unite nature and farming, fostering ecological and productive harmony. With a dynamic consortium of 12 partners spanning 10 countries and the success experience of our previous project (AFINET), we’re creating an interactive network to share and drive innovation in agroforestry practices across Europe. Join us in shaping the future of sustainable crops and forests!

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AF4EU is the continuation of AFINET, with new RAINs, innovations and knowledge to be developed. In any case, the materials produced in AFINET are still very relevant, so we invite you to consult them if you have not done so before or to revisit them if you are a follower!

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Find out where we come from! All the information about AFINET and the work done can be found on its website.


The Alive Handbook of AFINET contains the innovations identified and developed in each of the RAINs. It includes the factsheets of our three AF4EU lighthouse RAINs - Galicia, Italy and Finland.


If you are a fan of Zenodo like us, this link will take you directly to the AFINET materials collected in the repository. Enjoy!

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If you are interested in participating in RAIN activities, please search for the name of the responsible Innovation Broker in your country. Email us at and we will put you in touch with them.