En este momento estás viendo 2nd RAIN workshop in Joensuu, Eastern Finland

2nd RAIN workshop in Joensuu, Eastern Finland

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In Finland the 2nd RAIN meeting was arranged in Metla house, a wooden constructed public office building, in Joensuu, Eastern Finland on 13 February 2024. The event was held by Tanja Kähkönen and Michael den Herder from European Forest Institute (EFI).

Farmers, advisors, researchers, policy makers and administration members participated in the event. It offered them all the chance to network between regions in Finland, sharing experiences on agroforestry, and most importantly, coming together to discuss issues that affect farming practices in Finland.

The participants liked the descriptions and presentations of the farms, understanding the aim of the workshop, and having the chance to make new connections and networking with experts and other interested in the topic, talking with each other about the topics treated.

Feedback on the workshop was collected with a Mentimeter survey.  At the end of the 2nd RAIN meeting, a lunch was offered which facilitated further discussion on agroforestry.