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Preparation in Joensuu

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After almost six months, we met again! This time, our partner EFI hosted us in Joensuu, Finland, and we were lucky enough to get to know the headquarters of the European Forest Institute. The meeting was held in a building made of wood, which was quite appropriate.

Six months earlier we had met in the cold winter of Lugo (Galicia, Spain) and this time in the warmth of the early Finnish summer, between May 31 and June 2.

The three-day meeting started with an explanation of the activities to be carried out in relation to the dissemination of the project, followed by a communication workshop, in which the partners discussed in groups the main activities to be carried out and the main objectives we want to achieve through AF4EU. A fun working group to get to know the communication workflows.

The next day we had a good hike to get to know the Koli National Park, where we got to know the traditional slash and burn technique, the local flora and the best views that nature could offer of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Once the energy was recovered, the last day of the meeting was an intense preparation for the first RAIN meetings that each partner will organize in their country. The main objectives were to make them as interesting and fruitful as possible for the attendees, how to make the most of all possible synergies and how to gather the right information to continue working on the project results. We are sure that these first RAIN meetings will be a success because all team members are giving their best – great teamwork leads to great results!

Watch on our YouTube channel our wonderful experience in Joensuu: