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Discover the fascinating world of AF4EU through our inspiring and educational videos! Immerse yourself in our European project focused on promoting agroforestry practices across Europe. Watch our videos to learn about AF4EU’s objectives and methodology, highlighting key achievements, our meetings and aspirations.

AF4EU: Empowering Agroforestry Innovation in Europe

🌿Welcome to AF4EU, a groundbreaking initiative that will improve European agriculture and forestry.

🌍With a dynamic consortium of 12 partners spanning 10 countries and the success experience of our previous project (AFINET), we’re creating an interactive network to share and drive innovation in agroforestry practices across Europe.

🎯 Objectives:

Enlarging the Agroforestry Innovation Network created in AFINET, stablishing 8 new RAINs (Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, France, Andalucía-Spain, Slovakia and Germany) connected to a Lighthouse RAIN (already created in AFINET – Galicia-Spain, Italy and Finland).

Improving the knowledge of agroforestry through specific dissemination activities, training and development of the advisory capacity.

– Developing an AF Knowledge Platform (KP) that will foster knowledge exchange by integrating and synthesizing existing best practices and research findings.

– Maximizing synergies with international, European, national and regional projects and policies.

🌟Join us in shaping the future of sustainable crops and forests!

AF4EU: Consortium meetings

🤝🏻We brought together our different partners to discuss progress, coordinate activities, and ensure alignment with AF4EU’s goals and timeline.

💼The meetings strengthened working relationships, facilitated knowledge sharing, and allow us to plan future project phases. These meetings are crucial for effective management and successful execution of the project.

📍We were able to held meetings in Galicia-Spain, Finland, Ireland and Greece.

🎒We will let you know about our next one!

RAINs activities

🌳A Regional Agroforestry Innovation Network or RAIN is a group of different actors (farmers, advisors, policy-makers, multipliers…) working together and learning from each other, with the guidance of an Innovation Broker.

🐏Our RAIN network entails 10 countries and a wide range of territories with very different characteristics and conditions. Check out more info about them here.

🗒️Keep up with the progress of each RAIN! Their activities are regularly updated and shared through this section.

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