About KP

The AF4EU Knowledge Platform will be composed by the Knowledge Cloud, the AFi-Bus Decision Support system, the Alive Handbook and a Multilingual MOOC.

Knowledge Cloud

The Knowledge platform is articulated as a structured database publicly available and with a search engine, for the end users, that will store documents and information gathered through the project.

AFi-Bus Decision Support System

The Agroforestry Innovation Business Decision Support System (AFi-Bus DSS) tool will serve as a model toolkit, which will assist in assessing the feasibility of establishing, expanding or diversifying representative agroforestry business models across Europe.

The AFi-Bus will incorporate People (social), Planet (environment) and Profit (income) indicators as part of the sustainability evaluation of the proposed business models innovations that will be associated with the CANVAS methodology.

Alive Handbook

The Alive Handbook will be expanded from that created AFINET project including new sections such as the innovative farm and respective value chain management and innovative business models.

Multilingual MOOC

The AF4EU Masive Open Online Course (MOOC) will be a specialized official self-learning, free-available, multi-language on-line course.

The MOOC will integrate:

  • the CECRA agroforestry training module primarily targeting advisors
  • the Farm-AF training module

It will also provide access to the Afi-Bus DSS, KC and the Alive Handbook with the aim of improving farmers’ knowledge of business models by providing agroforestry training to advisors.